“There are four qualities that make a master: knowledge, experience, skill and drive.”

Free according to the millers

Working fields

  • Corporate communication (internal, external)
  • Product communication/brand management
  • Change communication/change management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Public affairs, political communication
  • Crisis prevention and crisis communication


  • Health/medical/care services
  • Environment/energy/sustainability
  • Foodstuffs and luxury consumables
  • Politics and society
  • Art and culture
  • Technology/consumer electronics
  • Tourism
  • Construction and real estate
  • Furniture and interior design


  • Strategic consulting and concepts
    Strategy development for corporate and product communication; designing and conducting internal and external campaigns; assistance in conducting internal and external PR activities
  • Media work
    Topic management; editing (text/image); radio and TV footage; press conferences, background discussions, interviews, editorial visits, press trips; designing PR ads and advertorials; media tracking and analysis; performance monitoring, documentation and evaluation; media collaboration; media training
  • Corporate identity & corporate design
    Corporate identity; corporate design; logo and signage design; illustration; naming/name selection;
    slogans and claims
  • Corporate Publishing
    Newsletters, image brochures, product brochures, flyers, posters/billboards, ads
  • Events
    Product presentation, roadshows, incentives, gala events, conventions and conferences, trade fairs and exhibits, promotion & cross promotion; continued education courses, seminars, training offers; conducting training courses and seminars on PR/public relations
  • Multimedia and digital communication
    Creating websites & microsites; development and administration of social media newsrooms; integrating blogs, forums, videocasts, podcasts and online surveys into media activities; using and monitoring social media
    (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, XING); consumer feedback tools; supplying news and open PR portals; administration of evaluation and test portals